Enchanted Grounds

Gourmet Coffee Shop in Littleton, CO

Enchanted Grounds Gourmet Coffee Shop

At Enchanted Grounds, we are committed to making your visits to our gourmet coffee shop memorable ones. When you enter our shop in Littleton, CO, you will be overtaken by the rich aroma of multiple coffee blends, the comforting background noise of coffee grinders, and you will practically be able to feel the caffeine hit your system just by breathing the air. When you visit us, we want you to have a magical experience when you take that first sip of liquid gold out of your mug. 

We are conveniently located within the Columbine Valley Shopping Center that is just off of Colorado State Highway 75. We founded Enchanted Grounds on the principles of quality ingredients and friendly service. 

As your neighborhood gourmet coffee shop, we want you to enjoy the time you spend in our establishment, which is why we have a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. We know that coffee drinkers have a discerning palate which is why we offer many different blends of delicious gourmet coffee all at affordable prices. We have selections for every taste, from shots of espresso to iced coffee and teas. 

We are also a gameporium and offer our visitors a variety of table top top games. Visit us today and just relax or choose from a variety of games we have available. 

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Choose from our wide selection of special coffee blends. We have a wide selection of blends that will be able to fit any palate. 


When you visit us at Enchanted Grounds you will be able to not only be able to relax with a cup of coffee, but will also be able to enjoy a game with friends. We have a wide variety of tabletop games. 


We make special espressos, blended coffees, and teas just for you! Visit us today and see what our menu has to offer you. 

Delicious Gourmet Coffee